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counselling hypnotherapy
bird dwell somatic counselling

An integrative and holistic approach as unique as you are.

Hi, I'm Julia
So good to have you here.  

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, coach and advocate. I am a mother of three, a wife of a first responder and a life long learner.  

I offer a kind, compassionate and authentic approach. I will be a safe and inclusive space along your journey through life's difficulties. I accept all parts of you.  I see you and I will meet you where you are at. 


When clients come to see me, they are at a crossroads and feel like they can’t do it on their own.  Life has gotten too big for them, stretching them beyond what they believe they are capable of sustaining. They feel stuck and aren't sure how to break free from unhelpful patterns and beliefs.  They are having trouble coping with the intensity of the feelings they are experiencing and they need someone to help guide them through their storm, to safety.

 We can work together to help you restore your lost connection to yourself. You will come to a deeper recognition of who you truly are and tap into your inner strength and resources while feeling more joy and hope. Together we can bring compassionate awareness and a deeper understanding to your experience and work together to create the changes you are seeking.  



I offer Couples Counselling and Individual Counselling for Teens and Adults.  

I also work with First Responders and their families to help them navigate the unique complexities and difficulties this lifestyle brings. 




I can support you if you are:

  • Feeling disconnection with your mind, body and spirit.

  • Recovering from an eating disorder and/or are experiencing disordered thoughts around food and eating

  • Feeling burnt-out and exhausted because you are a Caregiver for someone 

  • Experiencing chronic illness and are feeling lost and alone 

  • Recovering from trauma or overwhelming life events

  • Anxious and/or having panic attacks

  • Depressed and lacking motivation

  • Experiencing a loss of meaning and purpose

  • Trying to reconnect with your authentic self

  • Moving through transitions in life

  • Struggling in your relationships

  • Feeling shame and just not good enough

I use a holistic and integrative approach that draws on:

  •  Somatic Awareness (mind-body techniques)

  • Neuroscience

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Mindfulness 

  • Attachment Therapy

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Parts Therapy

If you're curious or would like to know more, I offer a free 20-minute consultation call. In the call, you can ask questions and we can see if we are a good fit for working together.

My counselling approach is trauma informed and client centered. Through mindfulness and with a strength based lens, my goal is to support you in recognizing, understanding and managing your emotions. Together we can explore the mind, body and spirit, and figure out what you need to feel nourished and whole. I hope to support you while you to shift old ways of being and move towards how you wish your life to be.

I believe that therapy is a journey of healing and self-discovery that is best navigated in collaboration. Together we will explore any blocks, patterns, or areas that may be keeping you stuck and preventing you from living your best life. In counselling sessions, I will work with you to identify your goals and create a plan that meets your unique and individual needs. I will be offering skills, tools and practices to help you rediscover your innate wisdom for healing and growth.  


Julia is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (#3132) in good standing with (ACCT) Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada.  Counselling fees for a RTC are approved by Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield Canada, Equitable Life of Canada, iA Financial Group, Victor Insurance, ClaimSecure, Alberta School Employee Benefits Plan and Manulife. Additional benefits may qualify for reimbursement with your Extended Health Benefits Plans or HSA.  


Please check with your service provider to ensure coverage under your specific plan, prior to your appointment.

Julia is a Counselling Hypnotherapist (#199) in good standing with (IACH) International Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"
- Buddha

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