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Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression 

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a gentle form of hypnotherapy that takes you back through time to uncover memories and experiences from previous lives that are normally hidden in the subconscious mind. This is the idea that you have lived before you were born, only in a different time and place. Past Life Regression provides a way for you to have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are — and to ultimately create change within yourself. This is a powerful tool to access that all knowing part of ourselves that has been called the Higher Self, Super-conscious, even the Soul itself. This is that greater part of ourselves that is always connected to The Source, or God, or Higher Power and has unlimited knowledge and an unlimited ability to heal the emotional, mental and physical body. Sometimes these mental and physical ailments are rooted in traumas from past lives; sometimes they are connected to lessons being learned in a person's present life.   Through hypnosis, these memories from your past lives can be remembered so you can use them in your life today. 


Hypnosis allows you to access deeper states of yourself so that you are able to see the whole picture of your life and personality.  It works to uncover important information and quickly releases emotional blocks, trauma, limiting beliefs, stress and even physical symptoms. It helps give you perspective and a deeper understanding of your fears, habits, struggles, hopes and dreams. 


Life today is so busy and noisy that it is sometimes hard to find the space to connect to and hear the wisdom of our subconscious.  A past life session will help guide you out of the noisy chatter and into a quiet, deeply peaceful state where you can realign your life as you find the answers and healing you are seeking. 




I help my clients discover who they truly are, why they are here and help them create a future free from their past

By remembering your past lives, you can:

  • Recognize fears that are holding you back

  • Explore your life's purpose

  • Free yourself of emotional and physical barriers

  • Heal from grief and loss

  • Start deeply personal and spiritual journey

  • Understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places

  • Acknowledge and embrace the key lessons learned through those lives

Who is past life regression for?

 Do you have a...

  • stable emotional state

  • open minded

  • grounded sense of your own identity in this life

  • desire to find your own truth 

  • ready and willing to create lasting change in your life


You might wonder, is it real?

Past life regression therapy is becoming more mainstream as a therapeutic healing tool. There are more and more cases where facts have been researched, validated and published to prove the legitimacy of the individual experiences.  


Whether you believe it is a real experience or a creative means for your unconscious mind as it guides healing, the results are profound and profoundly healing.   My clients come away with a renewed sense of their sense of Self and their purpose in life. They feel deeper connections, have more awareness of their energy and how to manage it.  They feel like they can finally take a big deep breath for the first time, feeling seen, understood and relaxed.


Your belief in reincarnation is not required, just a curious, open mind and the intent to receive the answers you are looking for. Regardless of your background, culture, religion or belief system, you can access this beautiful, powerful tool in your life.

What does it feel like?

Past life Regression feels like you are in a beautiful and relaxed guided meditation or dream state where you remember everything.  You have complete awareness and have control of every aspect of the process because your unconscious mind leads the way.  Your unconscious mind is a powerful friend and it holds the keys to release and open you to your true self.






*Although there are many therapeutic benefits to exploring past lives,  the experience of a past life regression is not meant to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. 

Julia is trained in multiple Past Life Regression techniques including Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.  QHHT is a hypnosis method that allows people to access past lives, in-between lives and the part of themselves that holds all the answers to provide guidance and quantum healing.

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Julia is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Hypnotherapist located in Vernon, BC, Canada but sees clients Online from anywhere in the world.

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